Terrys Flower
Spoilers Stranger Things Video

Terry’s Flower – A Stranger Things Fan Fiction (SPOILERS)

The year is 1978, Terry Ives, unable to accept the loss of her daughter, literally loses her mind. Witness her twisted journey into the darkness of the Upside Down and her transformation into the creature we know as the Demogorgon. This is a fan-fiction, take it for what it’s worth. This Stranger Things Fan-Fiction is […]

Spoilers Stranger Things Theory Video

The Secret of Stranger Things – Proof the Monster Was Human

Video Contains Spoilers! After examining the Stranger Things Season One finale, I stumbled upon a bombshell, something so mind blowing you have to see it for yourself. You were shown something incredible, but it happened so fast you couldn’t see it. Come along with me as we stop time and marvel at the hidden truths […]

Stranger Things Theory Video

Stranger Things Theory – Why Demogorgon Could Be Eleven’s Mom

THIS VIDEO CONTAINS SPOILERS! Why would the monster be calling out to Eleven? I believe that the mind of Eleven’s mother, Terry Ives, is the Demogorgon monster, longing to be reunited with her daughter. Come along with me as I dive into the depths of this theory. This is my most popular video and I’m […]

Vader Helmet
Star Wars Theory Video

Does Vader’s Helmet Prove Snoke is Plagueis? – Star Wars Theory

I submit that Kylo Ren possessing Vader’s charred helmet is evidence of the resurrection of Darth Plagueis in the body of Vader. Someone saved the helmet from the fire and I believe it’s more likely that the helmet was carried from the fire by Vader than it is that someone stole only the helmet from […]

Analysis Star Wars Video

Comparing Kylo Ren to Darth Vader – Star Wars Analysis

Here I take a look at how Kylo Ren compares to Darth Vader both physically and mentally. I also compare the differences in their helmets and possible reasons for them. How do you feel Kylo Ren compares to Darth Vader overall? Do you think he will ever live up to the imposing onscreen presence of […]

Analysis Video

Why the New Ghostbusters Movie Will Suck

This was the first video I ever put on YouTube, it’s a long-form response to the first Ghostbusters’ trailer. I decided to never actually watch this movie because it looked like such a soulless cash-grab which only existed because Sony wanted to cash-in on the brand recognition of the Ghostbusters name. I’ve seen other reviews […]