Demogorgon Controlled by Thessalhydra? – Stranger Things Theory


SPOILERS! What do we really know about how the slugs came to be? Why is the Egg so big compared to the Demogorgon if it is her egg? What if those slugs have nothing to do with the egg at all? Is the Demogorgon being mentally controlled by another more powerful creature? I cover these question in my latest Stranger Things Theory!

What do you think of this theory? I’d say most people seem to agree with it.

I'm interested in anything out of the ordinary. Usually anything science-fiction-related and the darker the better, but I also really like positive character growth and emotional arcs in storytelling. I'm also fascinated by the unknown, I like trying to piece the whole picture together, which is why I enjoy making Theories. I will post more on than on YouTube, because it's faster, so keep coming back for more!