Short Stories

The Place Where Clocks Tick Backwards – Bus Stop #1

In the brief time you will know me , you will come to learn two things, two very important truths that you simply can not allow yourself to forget. and I really must stress this, these things are essential, never forget these two things, okay?. Number One: I’m not crazy, okay?, Number Two: ah…I don’t […]

Short Stories Video

Beyond the Street Lights’ End – My First Short Story

Have you ever wanted to get lost? To drive so far away you could never find your way back? Follow the escapist journey of a broken man determined to rekindle the wonder of his youth. Seeking refuge from bright city lights, he drives aimlessly into the dark of night, hoping to once again see a […]

Random Video

The Future Of Planet Calvin – Update

Just a quick update about the kind of content I will be adding to my channel. I’m excited to announce that I will posting my own original short story videos, the first of which is finished and will be uploaded shortly. I will still be doing theory videos, I’m not sure I ever want to […]