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The Upside Down is Inside Eleven’s Mind – Stranger Things Theory

This theory is a continuation of my Mind Flayer is Eleven’s Brain Tumor Theory. In my latest Stranger Things Theory, I break down the possibility that the Upside Down Dimension is just Eleven’s Subconscious Mind Realm and the Mind Flayer and Demogorgons are just mental representations of her brain tumors growth. I’ve found a few […]

Stranger Things Theory Video

The Mind Flayer is Eleven’s Brain Tumor – Stranger Things Theory

In my latest Stranger Things theory, I discuss the possibility that the Mind Flayer Hive Mind is actually just the manifestation of a brain tumor inside Eleven’s head, which is secretly feeding off Eleven’s untapped psionic power. This video is Part 1 of 2, so stay tuned for Part 2, which will include a different […]

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How Stranger Things Season One Should Have Ended – SPOILERS

Stranger Things Recut! – This video contains scenes from my Stranger Things fan-fiction Terry’s Flower. The Fan-Fiction is 17 minutes long, but with the commentary after it makes the full video 27 minutes long, which looks very daunting to most people, so I wanted to make a shorter version of it that could help to […]

Spoilers Stranger Things Theory Video

Why Eleven Could Be Both Jane & Sarah – Stranger Things Theory

SPOILERS! (Part 2 of 2) In this theory I examine evidence that suggests Jim Hopper and Terry Ives may have a previous history together. When you compare the timelines of both characters, you will find the same number of years are mentioned in both cases, it makes you wonder why are their timelines so similar? […]

Terrys Flower
Spoilers Stranger Things Video

Terry’s Flower – A Stranger Things Fan Fiction (SPOILERS)

The year is 1978, Terry Ives, unable to accept the loss of her daughter, literally loses her mind. Witness her twisted journey into the darkness of the Upside Down and her transformation into the creature we know as the Demogorgon. This is a fan-fiction, take it for what it’s worth. This Stranger Things Fan-Fiction is […]

Spoilers Stranger Things Theory Video

The Secret of Stranger Things – Proof the Monster Was Human

Video Contains Spoilers! After examining the Stranger Things Season One finale, I stumbled upon a bombshell, something so mind blowing you have to see it for yourself. You were shown something incredible, but it happened so fast you couldn’t see it. Come along with me as we stop time and marvel at the hidden truths […]

Stranger Things Theory Video

Stranger Things Theory – Why Demogorgon Could Be Eleven’s Mom

THIS VIDEO CONTAINS SPOILERS! Why would the monster be calling out to Eleven? I believe that the mind of Eleven’s mother, Terry Ives, is the Demogorgon monster, longing to be reunited with her daughter. Come along with me as I dive into the depths of this theory. This is my most popular video and I’m […]