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Why Star Wars: The Last Jedi is Disappointing (Spoilers)

First of all I just want to say that this movie had elements that were incredibly enjoyable, some moments were simply jaw-dropping, the Kamikaze Light Speed collision in particular was maybe the most original thing I’ve ever seen in a Star Wars movie, so it’s definitely not a bad movie overall. But some decisions were […]

Vader Helmet
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Does Vader’s Helmet Prove Snoke is Plagueis? – Star Wars Theory

I submit that Kylo Ren possessing Vader’s charred helmet is evidence of the resurrection of Darth Plagueis in the body of Vader. Someone saved the helmet from the fire and I believe it’s more likely that the helmet was carried from the fire by Vader than it is that someone stole only the helmet from […]

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Comparing Kylo Ren to Darth Vader – Star Wars Analysis

Here I take a look at how Kylo Ren compares to Darth Vader both physically and mentally. I also compare the differences in their helmets and possible reasons for them. How do you feel Kylo Ren compares to Darth Vader overall? Do you think he will ever live up to the imposing onscreen presence of […]