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The Upside Down is Inside Eleven’s Mind – Stranger Things Theory

This theory is a continuation of my Mind Flayer is Eleven’s Brain Tumor Theory. In my latest Stranger Things Theory, I break down the possibility that the Upside Down Dimension is just Eleven’s Subconscious Mind Realm and the Mind Flayer and Demogorgons are just mental representations of her brain tumors growth. I’ve found a few […]

Stranger Things Theory Video

The Mind Flayer is Eleven’s Brain Tumor – Stranger Things Theory

In my latest Stranger Things theory, I discuss the possibility that the Mind Flayer Hive Mind is actually just the manifestation of a brain tumor inside Eleven’s head, which is secretly feeding off Eleven’s untapped psionic power. This video is Part 1 of 2, so stay tuned for Part 2, which will include a different […]

Stranger Things Theory Video

Stranger Things Season 2 Predictions – Volume 2

We are less than one month away from Stranger Things Season 2. We’re almost there!!! And to celebrate, please enjoy my latest Stranger Things Predictions for Season 2. What do you think of these predictions? Do you think this black mist is responsible for the rapid rotting of these pumpkins? What do you think of […]

Stranger Things Theory Video

Hydra Uses Telekinesis to Defy Gravity – Stranger Things Theory

In this Stranger Things Theory, I discuss the possibility that the Thessalhydra will use telekinesis to wreak havoc on Hawkins in Season 2. I also think the Hydra is just too big to actually function in our planet’s gravity and thus requires the ability to defy gravity. The primary basis for this theory, besides the […]

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Stranger Things: Creature Study – Thessalhydra Face Speculation

In this video I closely examine the available shots of the Thessalhydra, including a close examination of its face on the season 2 poster. Does it show signs of a flower mouth like the Demogorgon had? Or could it actually have eyes? What kind of facial features do you think the Thessalhydra will have in […]

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How Stranger Things Season One Should Have Ended – SPOILERS

Stranger Things Recut! – This video contains scenes from my Stranger Things fan-fiction Terry’s Flower. The Fan-Fiction is 17 minutes long, but with the commentary after it makes the full video 27 minutes long, which looks very daunting to most people, so I wanted to make a shorter version of it that could help to […]

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Jeepers Creepers 3 Is On the Way!

Hunters vs the Creeper! Will Jeepers Creepers 3 have a Predator vibe? I don’t know how I missed the news of the coming 3rd and 4th sequels, but September will bring us the long awaited sequel to the ever creepy Jeepers Creepers franchise. Did you get a chance to see the new Jeepers Creepers movie? […]