Terry’s Flower – A Stranger Things Fan Fiction (SPOILERS)

Terrys Flower

The year is 1978, Terry Ives, unable to accept the loss of her daughter, literally loses her mind. Witness her twisted journey into the darkness of the Upside Down and her transformation into the creature we know as the Demogorgon. This is a fan-fiction, take it for what it’s worth. This Stranger Things Fan-Fiction is based on my 3 previous Stranger Things Theories.

Have you seen my fan fiction? What do you think of it? It took me a few months to finish. If my “Terry is the Monster” theory doesn’t turn out to be true, at least I have this fan fiction to explore what that possibility could have looked like. I’m especially happy with the final scene, and I’d really like to know what you thought of it, so please let me know in the comments below.

I'm interested in anything out of the ordinary. Usually anything science-fiction-related and the darker the better, but I also really like positive character growth and emotional arcs in storytelling. I'm also fascinated by the unknown, I like trying to piece the whole picture together, which is why I enjoy making Theories. I will post more on PlanetCalvin.com than on YouTube, because it's faster, so keep coming back for more!