Why the New Ghostbusters Movie Will Suck


This was the first video I ever put on YouTube, it’s a long-form response to the first Ghostbusters’ trailer. I decided to never actually watch this movie because it looked like such a soulless cash-grab which only existed because Sony wanted to cash-in on the brand recognition of the Ghostbusters name. I’ve seen other reviews of the movie and it’s apparently full of endless improvising and adlibbing from every actor in almost every moment of every scene, which makes me glad I didn’t watch it. It’s time for soulless reboots to stop, if you’re gonna revisit a property you better bring a genuine love for the original films with you, along with a vision for how you can add to the existing story while respecting the old. See The Force Awakens, they did it right. It’s all about passing the torch.

Did you see this movie? What did you think of it? Are you getting tired of soulless reboots like I am?

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