Why Hopper’s Memories Could Be Delusions – Stranger Things Theory


SPOILERS! (Part 1 of 2) In this theory I explore the possibility that Hopper’s daughter is actually alive. I have found certain clues that seem to suggest the possibility that Hopper is living in a delusional state, and many of his memories may not be true.

What do you think of this theory? It’s also possible that Hawkin’s Labs/MK Ultra had implanted false memories in Hopper’s mind to cover up their abduction of his daughter.

I'm interested in anything out of the ordinary. Usually anything science-fiction-related and the darker the better, but I also really like positive character growth and emotional arcs in storytelling. I'm also fascinated by the unknown, I like trying to piece the whole picture together, which is why I enjoy making Theories. I will post more on PlanetCalvin.com than on YouTube, because it's faster, so keep coming back for more!