Beyond the Street Lights’ End – My First Short Story


Have you ever wanted to get lost? To drive so far away you could never find your way back? Follow the escapist journey of a broken man determined to rekindle the wonder of his youth. Seeking refuge from bright city lights, he drives aimlessly into the dark of night, hoping to once again see a starry sky.

I’ve always wanted to be a writer and this is my first step into that world. Not all of my stories will be a perfect blend of light and dark, my next story is much less heartfelt, more paranoid and kinda funny actually. Thanks for watching!

I'm interested in anything out of the ordinary. Usually anything science-fiction-related and the darker the better, but I also really like positive character growth and emotional arcs in storytelling. I'm also fascinated by the unknown, I like trying to piece the whole picture together, which is why I enjoy making Theories. I will post more on than on YouTube, because it's faster, so keep coming back for more!