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Hydra Uses Telekinesis to Defy Gravity – Stranger Things Theory

In this Stranger Things Theory, I discuss the possibility that the Thessalhydra will use telekinesis to wreak havoc on Hawkins in Season 2. I also think the Hydra is just too big to actually function in our planet’s gravity and thus requires the ability to defy gravity. The primary basis for this theory, besides the […]

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Stranger Things: Creature Study – Thessalhydra Face Speculation

In this video I closely examine the available shots of the Thessalhydra, including a close examination of its face on the season 2 poster. Does it show signs of a flower mouth like the Demogorgon had? Or could it actually have eyes? What kind of facial features do you think the Thessalhydra will have in […]

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How Stranger Things Season One Should Have Ended – SPOILERS

Stranger Things Recut! – This video contains scenes from my Stranger Things fan-fiction Terry’s Flower. The Fan-Fiction is 17 minutes long, but with the commentary after it makes the full video 27 minutes long, which looks very daunting to most people, so I wanted to make a shorter version of it that could help to […]

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Stranger Things Season 2 Wish List – Upside Down Stonehenge

Hopper vs Cult, Eleven sneaking into the Palace(Arcade), Possible Proof that Will saw an Upside Down Stonehenge, and more items on my Season 2 Wish List. Be sure to tell me what events you’d like to see in Stranger Things Season 2. So what do you think of Will’s drawing of Stonehenge? That seems unmistakable […]

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Will’s Exam Scene Audio (April Fools) – Stranger Things Season 2

Check out my April Fool’s Day Audio Leak-Prank. Will’s examination scene in Stranger Things Season 2! And stay til the end for a quick preview of my next video. This was actually a deleted scene from my Season 2 Predictions video, which was already pretty long so I cut it because it was excessive, I […]

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Why Eleven Could Be Both Jane & Sarah – Stranger Things Theory

SPOILERS! (Part 2 of 2) In this theory I examine evidence that suggests Jim Hopper and Terry Ives may have a previous history together. When you compare the timelines of both characters, you will find the same number of years are mentioned in both cases, it makes you wonder why are their timelines so similar? […]

Spoilers Stranger Things Theory Video

Why Hopper’s Memories Could Be Delusions – Stranger Things Theory

SPOILERS! (Part 1 of 2) In this theory I explore the possibility that Hopper’s daughter is actually alive. I have found certain clues that seem to suggest the possibility that Hopper is living in a delusional state, and many of his memories may not be true. What do you think of this theory? It’s also […]