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How Stranger Things Season One Should Have Ended – SPOILERS

Stranger Things Recut! – This video contains scenes from my Stranger Things fan-fiction Terry’s Flower. The Fan-Fiction is 17 minutes long, but with the commentary after it makes the full video 27 minutes long, which looks very daunting to most people, so I wanted to make a shorter version of it that could help to […]

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Jeepers Creepers 3 Is On the Way!

Hunters vs the Creeper! Will Jeepers Creepers 3 have a Predator vibe? I don’t know how I missed the news of the coming 3rd and 4th sequels, but September will bring us the long awaited sequel to the ever creepy Jeepers Creepers franchise. Did you get a chance to see the new Jeepers Creepers movie? […]

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Beyond the Street Lights’ End – My First Short Story

Have you ever wanted to get lost? To drive so far away you could never find your way back? Follow the escapist journey of a broken man determined to rekindle the wonder of his youth. Seeking refuge from bright city lights, he drives aimlessly into the dark of night, hoping to once again see a […]

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The Future Of Planet Calvin – Update

Just a quick update about the kind of content I will be adding to my channel. I’m excited to announce that I will posting my own original short story videos, the first of which is finished and will be uploaded shortly. I will still be doing theory videos, I’m not sure I ever want to […]

Stranger Things Video

Stranger Things Season 2 Wish List – Upside Down Stonehenge

Hopper vs Cult, Eleven sneaking into the Palace(Arcade), Possible Proof that Will saw an Upside Down Stonehenge, and more items on my Season 2 Wish List. Be sure to tell me what events you’d like to see in Stranger Things Season 2. So what do you think of Will’s drawing of Stonehenge? That seems unmistakable […]

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Will’s Exam Scene Audio (April Fools) – Stranger Things Season 2

Check out my April Fool’s Day Audio Leak-Prank. Will’s examination scene in Stranger Things Season 2! And stay til the end for a quick preview of my next video. This was actually a deleted scene from my Season 2 Predictions video, which was already pretty long so I cut it because it was excessive, I […]

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The Ultimate OK GO Tribute Video – The Writing’s on the Wall

Come See the Best Moments of OK GO’s Music Videos! Featuring Clips from: Upside Down & Inside Out, Needing/Getting, End Love, The Writing’s on the Wall, This Too Shall Pass (both versions),Here it goes again, WTF, I Won’t Let You Down, The One Moment, and White Knuckles. What is your favorite OkGo music video? How […]